About us

Network for scientists www.Science-Community.org unites over 40.000 members from Ukraine, Russia, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan and other countries. Project provides services for efficient monitoring of grants, conferences, journals, scientific vacancies and sci-pop events, also it provides possibilities for finding collaborators for conductins joint research.

The development of our network started in June 2008. The project started officialy in January 2009.

Our sponsors

Network for scientists Science-Community.org is supported by grants of:

Victor V. Pinchuk Foundation (grant from Zavtra.UA scholarship program)
SendPulse Inc. company
(project development grant)

Our team

Ievgen Melezhyk - project leader
Valeriia Lavrenko - editor, vice-leader
Ksenia Semenova - external communications coordinator
Iryna Melezhyk - editor
Guz Anton - technologies consultant
Andrii Kleshchonok - editor

We thank the people who made the significant contribution in our work:

Dmitry But
Dmitry Morozov
Roman Zaitsev

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