Mechanism of action of Nizhne-Ivkinskaya 2K sulfate-calcium mineral water in combined treatment of acid-dependent gastrointestin

Ter Arkh. 2008;80(1):23-8.

Guliaev PV, Pomaskina TV, Kunshin AA, Chervotkina LA, Guliaeva SF, Tsirkin VI.

AIM: To study efficacy of drinking mineral water (MW) nizhne-ivkinskaya 2K in combined sanatorium treatment of gastrointestinal acid-dependent diseases (ADD) and the role of endogenic modulators of M-cholinoreactivity in pathogenesis of ADD. MATERIAL AND METHODS: General condition of the patients, gastric pH and peristalsis (computer system Gastrolog-M), gastric and gall bladder motility (Aloka SSD 1100), hepatic function (by bilirubin and AST and ALT activity), lipid spectrum (including LDLP and HDLP) and M-cholinomodulating activity of the blood serum (by biomethod) were examined in 134 subjects: 20 healthy subjects and 114 patients with ADD. RESULTS: In ADD, gastric juice acidity is high, gastric and gall bladder motility is low, total cholesterol and LDLP cholesterol are elevated, M-cholinoblocking activity of the blood serum is reduced 10-fold. Intake of nizhne-ivkinskaya 2K mineral water for 21 days improved the patients' health, normalized gastric pH, motility of the stomach and gall bladder, reduced content of LDLP and restored M-cholinoblocking serum activity. CONCLUSION: ADD development is thought to result from excessive vagus effect due to elevated blood level of lysophosphatidylcholine (LPC). In certain concentrations it can enhance efficacy of M-cholinergic impacts on gastric cells. Reduction of LDLP content due to intake of the mineral water leads to normalization of M-cholinergic impacts on gastric cells.