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Do you hire? We can help you to find excellent and highly-qualified staff from Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries.

With average daily visitors about 4.000 scientists and e-mail Digest subscribers over 30.000, our network holds a unique possibility to reach a variety of professionals from former-CIS countries in very short terms.

Efficient instruments helping your job offer to reach its autience, include:

  • posting of your vacancy in our catalog;
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Here are our job promotion plans for you:




  • Publication of your vacancy in the vacancies catalog at our web-site
  • Announcement of your vacancy in our e-mail digest, which has over 30.000 scientists subscribed!




Additionally to all benefits of «Basic» subscription plan:

  • Your vacancy will have mark “Featured” and will be placed in the top of our catalogue for a month
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  • Your vacancy will be announced in our Facebook group having over 12.000 subscribers



20% discount

to the price of any subscription plan, if you post 5 or more vacancies!


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Looking forward for efficient collaboration!