Summer schools, winter schools (2019)

List of 3 summer and winter schools, dated by 2009-2019 years, are presented in this section.



East-West Dialogues is a partnership building and quality improvement training for organizations that look for sustainable partnerships to set up new projects in the frame of the European Solidarity Corps.

East West Dialogues is a partnership building activity (PBA) and quality...

In collaboration with the Department of Scienze Storiche e dei Beni Culturali, University of Siena and the Scuola di Specializzazione in Beni Demoetnoantropologici, University of Perugia
Today’s heritage policies may be seen as strategies for the promotion of traditions, whether they be...

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The aim of the programme is to intensify relations with Ukraine and to strengthen the active commitment of young people from Germany and Ukraine to fundamental democratic values and understanding between peoples. Existing German - Ukrainian youth partnerships and new initiatives will be eligible...

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This is an international training course aiming to increase competences of youth workers to process experience and facilitate reflection as part of individual or group learning in the field of youth.


1. to increase the knowledge of youth workers...

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15-23 October 2019 | Rustavi,Tbilisi, Georgia

TC is a project which gathers 34 youth workers 11 different countries in order to provide them with innovative tools and methods as well as competences and skills related to combating stereotypes and prejudices and educating...

The level of youth participation is rather low particularly in deprived urban area and rural areas as well as in bordering regions in the Eastern Partnership region (EaP) of the EU.
This is particularly true for young IDPs, refugees, young people with migration background or other young...

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Ranum Efterskole College - PIC 945456479

The project is at Ranum Efterskole College situated in the north of Denmark 3 kilometers from the big inlet, Limfjorden. From the school there is a great view to Vilsted Lake which has good possibilities of canoeing etc.
The school has old...

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BACKGROUND:Following on from the reform of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism, in 2016 Herculaneum has been officially detached from Pompeii and the Archaeological Park of Herculaneum was declared a site of national importance and given both scientific and financial autonomy. Since...

When? 07th – 14th November 2019

Where? In Poland in the International Youth Meeting Centre Krzyżowa (Krzyżowa 7, 58-112 Grodżiszcze) and International Youth Meeting Centre in Oświęcim (Legionów 11, 32- 600 Oświęcim)

Who? Are you already active in youth work, Holocaust Education,...

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What do we offer?

Trainings on journalism and EU regional policy The chance to receive mentorship from established journalists from your country Working side by side with renowned journalists during the EU Regions’ Week Visits of EU affairs media headquarters and EU institutions The unique...

Study Visit

14-19 October 2019 | Brussels, Belgium - FR

This SV will tackle the role of youth work in addressing the risks of radicalization, through encounters, discussions and sharing spaces with experienced Belgium realities. This SV is a rich opportunity for further...

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We are excited to announce the call for applications for Viadrinicum 2019! This year Viadrinicum will take place at European University Viadrina from 19 August to 1 September 2019 in the format of Transsectoral UrbanLab under the title "Participatory Urbanism Beyond Metropoleis". Applications...

European House of Youth Meetings is a partner in a youth exchange “ YEAH! Youth, Employment, Activism, Hard Work”

The Youth Exchange is financed by Ministry of Youth and Sport in Ukraine

The main objectives of the project are:

The main objective of the project is to...

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Expand. Exchange. Experience.

2019 Edition: July 7 - 13

Early Application Deadline: March 31st

Application Deadline: May 31st

Summer School Fee: 850,00 EUR


Since 2003, more...

The Council of Europe in cooperation with the OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine are inviting students and/or young human rights professionals from Ukraine to apply for the 5th Annual Inter-University School on Human Rights “Right of access to public information in the Digital Age: Information...