Environment workshops 2014: "Reactive oxygen and nitrogen species and environment: a new vision for 2020"

Country: Spain

City: Baeza

Abstr. due: 25.09.2014

Dates: 15.10.14 — 17.10.14

Area Of Sciences: Ecology; Chemistry; Biology;

Organizing comittee e-mail: baeza@unia.es

Organizers: Universidad International de Andalucia


Plants are continuously exposed to changing   environmental conditions and have to develop   mechanisms to cope with external threats and   challenges. The actions of humans and climate   change have exacerbated the threats posed   by changing weather patterns and pollution.   Many situations such as drought, salinity, high   and low temperatures, heavy metals, insect   and pathogen attack are stressful to plants,   limiting vigour and crop yield. All biotic and   abiotic stress conditions lead to changes in   cellular redox homeostasis caused by altered   ROS and NO production and metabolism. The   accumulation of ROS and/or NO at a particular   place or time which is critical to the specificity   of the plant response to a given stimulus,   is regulated by a subtle balance between   production and scavenging/processing.  The last five years have seen some   clarification in our knowledge of the   extensive subtle cross-talk between ROS,   NO, cellular redox changes, Ca +2 signalling and hormone-mediated pathways. However,  a much deeper understanding of these   relationships is needed in order to decipher   the complex network governing cellular   responses of plant growth and development   to the environment. The integration of   interdisciplinary omic-approaches, together   with bioinformatics, modelling, whole plant   physiology, biochemistry and cell biology are   required to meet this challenge and unravel the   complexities of interpretation of in vitro and in   vivo information. This workshop will facilitate   this integration by combining disciplines and   different approaches, including biochemistry,   cell biology and molecular biology, together   with specialists in NO, ROS and redox   homeostasis.

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