International Conference on "Business paradigms in emerging markets"

Country: India

City: Rourkela

Abstr. due: 30.09.2014

Dates: 12.12.14 — 13.11.14

Area Of Sciences: Economics and management;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: School of Management, NIT Rourkela-India


Emerging markets and their emergence is one of the most important trends in this age of globalization. In just a matter of few years, billions of citizens across the world are transforming their lives from unprivileged to modern consumer lifestyles. This remarkable revolution is very much evident in emerging economies than anywhere else in the world. Yet this revolution offers some tough challenges of culture conflict, intense competition, dynamic market place and conformance to environmental and social standards. In the early stages of our discipline focus was more on developed markets, while it is now well-accepted that further development depends on extending our research to emerging markets, where the majority of humankind resides and where 50% of the world’s economic activity will take place within the next two decades.

Of late researchers and practitioners from diverse discipline are focussing their attention to understand emerging markets. These research questions the generalizability and assumptions of theories that traditionally have informed management scholarship and business practice. This is because of the fact that emerging markets represent significant deviations from the theories originated in and for the developed markets. The assumptions were focused on cosmopolitan, high-income and industrialized countries which need to be adapted to relatively orthodox, low income and developing nations. Therefore the questions in hand are: Do our existing theories generalize to the diverse, rapidly changing, and very different contexts of emerging markets? Can emerging market theories already developed are ideal and sufficient to provide new insights? and many more such questions….

This international conference on “Business Paradigms in Emerging Markets” will attempt to answer the above issues and concerns by bringing together distinguished panels of speakers, management experts and thought leaders from around the world to debate and discuss theory and practice in emerging markets.

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