Professions, Bonds and Boundaries

Country: Italy

City: Milan

Abstr. due: 30.09.2014

Dates: 19.03.15 — 21.03.15

Area Of Sciences: Sociology;

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Organizers: Catholic University Milan


Professions are bond to societal developments as policy experts, organisational managers, and providers of a wide range of services from teachers, doctors and carers to social workers and others. While they are serving as ‘connecting tie' between the state and its citizens and between organisations, professionalism has also all too often been a host for ‘social exclusion' and ‘boundary work'. Currently, societies are facing many changes that may impact in the professions and re-design the bonds, calling for a more inclusive professionalism. Here, the Expo 2015 in Milan demonstrates how the global economy is increasingly becoming a single market, especially for high-skilled workers like professionals; social media may furthermore accelerate the creation of new bonds across the globe. At the same time, new emergent global labour markets, new connections between management and professionalism and the overall changing social composition of the professions, including gender and ethnic dimensions, may all foster re-stratification processes and the ‘making' and ‘unmaking' of boundaries. This Interim Conference addresses these issues and seeks to further the debates into visionary models of professionalism.

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