Global Conference on Energy, Soil, Water, Air and Environment

Country: Un. Arab Emir.

City: Dubai

Abstr. due: 30.09.2014

Dates: 11.12.14 — 13.12.14

Area Of Sciences: Ecology; Technical sciences;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: Middlesex University London, Bahcesehir university, John Hopkins University


“Global Conference on Energy, Soil, Water, Air and Environment” (ESWAE-2014) aims to gathering of professors, environmental scientists, engineers, scientists, technologists, planners, managers, innovators, policy makers, students, Energy and power ministries, Energy, soil and water manufacturers, fuel producers, global buyers and suppliers from the power, petroleum and renewable energy industries and others interested in sharing ideas, knowledge and experiences. The major objective is to provide a unique environment to share innovative practices, cutting-edge research and unique experiences as well as strategies. So, we invite all colleagues, researchers, academicians, government workers, graduate students, teachers, environmental volunteers, project leaders and NGO members around the world to submit their original research articles and review papers to this leading international conference.

The scope of “Global Conference on Energy, Soil, Water, Air and Environment” (ESWAE-2014) includes, but is not limited to; the following major topics as

  • Bio Flues,
  • Soil,
  • Water,
  • Water Pollution,
  • Air,
  • Air Pollution,
  • Soil-water characteristic curve,
  • Nonlinear curve fitting,
  • Soil suction,
  • Soil Science,
  • Soil conservation,
  • Soil microbiology,
  • Soil fertility,
  • Soils and Tillage,
  • Dryland Agriculture,
  • Mineral Nutrition,
  • Manures and Fertilizers,
  • Irrigation Water Management,
  • Cropping Systems,
  • Agrometerology,
  • Hygroscopic water,
  • Capillary water,
  • Gravitational water,
  • Water Vapour,
  • Hygroscopic water,
  • Evaporation,
  • Condensation,
  • Water cycle,
  • Chemical and physical properties,
  • Fresh water storage,
  • Sea water,
  • Water industry water content,
  • Allocation,
  • Soil Chemistry,
  • Energy from Waste,
  • Solar Termal Application,
  • Petroleum,
  • Geothermal,
  • Photovoltaic Technologies,
  • Wind Energy,
  • Wave and Tidal Energy, 
  • Decarbonising Cities and Regions, 
  • Zero Carbon Urban Design, 
  • Low Energy Architecture, 
  • Climatic and Environmental Issues, 
  • Governance and Regulation, 
  • Smart Grid, Energy and Lifestyle, 
  • Energy Efficiency, 
  • Remote Area Power Supply.
  • Environmental agriculture,
  • Environmental biology,
  • Environmental biotechnology,
  • Environmental engineering,
  • Environmental health,
  • Environmental nanotechnology,
  • Environmental microbiology,
  • Environmental toxicology,
  • Environmental pollution and monitoring,
  • Environmental zoology,
  • Environmental ethics and biosciences,
  • Environmental informatics,
  • Environmental biochemistry,
  • Environmental genetics,
  • Environmental botany,
  • Environmental education,
  • Environmental psychology and sociology,
  • Environmental managements,
  • Environmental issues related to biosciences,
  • Environmental biophysics,
  • Environmental geology and other related issues.

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