The Journal of Vacation Marketing Special Issue 'The Future of Hotels'

Country: Netherlands

City: Leeuwarden

Abstr. due: 26.09.2014

Dates: 17.04.15 — 17.04.15

Area Of Sciences: Economics and management;

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Organizers: European Tourism Futures Institute


Purpose of a special issue – The Future of Hotels
The Journal of Vacation Marketing will dedicate a special issue to ‘The Future of Hotels’. The objective of the special issue is to provide a timely and informative range of articles about the future of hotels across a multi-disciplinary consumer behaviour, and services marketing related dimensions. This special issue will consist of 6-8 research papers from leading researchers, whether insight or foresight papers addressing the challenges facing the sector, thus enabling managers, students and researchers with an understanding of the future. Papers will be selected from a general call and by invitation. 

Content call for paper 
What will the hotel industry of the future look like? Given that travel is now the most searched item on the internet. How will the industry change and adapt to new consumer demands and the rapid pace of technological change, given the arrival of new mobile technologies, robotic staff and intelligent IT systems. Will hotels chains be able to move beyond the current industrialised and standardised design models? Can they embrace service customisation, localised design, sustainability and embrace an unfolding technological revolution?  What will the hotel of the future look like – and what new segments will emerge? What will its service systems, marketing distribution channels and revenue management models be? How will the trends of demography, new travel patterns and disruptive innovation shape the future? In turn, what are the implications for the current industry and academic who are educating the next generation of managers? 

Leading researchers 
The Journal of Vacation Marketing calls upon leading researchers to ponder these questions across a range of disciplines from consumer behaviour, to consumption, to new product/service design and adoption of technology - through empirical and conceptual papers expanding on the impacts of change, theoretical development, future models of hotels and scenarios about the medium to long term future are encouraged. Six to eight research papers whether conceptual, applied or case studies of 4,000-7,000 words in length will be published.

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