The Karyn Kupcinet International Science School for Overseas Students

Country: Canada;

Deadline: 01.01.2009


Address: Montreal

The Karyn Kupcinet International Science School was established in 1971 in memory of Karyn Kupcinet by her parents, the late, Mr. and Mrs. Irving Kupcinet of Chicago, Illinois, USA. The Academic Affairs Office administers the program. Participants designate the research preferences of their choice from a descriptive list of research projects here at the Institute. Click on Current Research Projects and follow the links to the Faculties and Departments of your interest. These choices are then matched, by a scientific coordinator, with ongoing research teams at the Institute. The students study under the guidance of a Scientific Personnel and spend between ten weeks to four months, during their summer holidays, studying on the research project to which they have been assigned. A few students from the Southern Hemisphere attend during the winter months, coinciding with these students' university holidays. Students receive a per diem allowance. At the end of the program, students deliver a 10-minute presentation describing their study, and submit a written abstract. These abstracts are then combined into a book, which is mailed to each student. The program is for undergraduate university-level students only, who have completed at least two years of study. Students in their final year may apply for the summer immediately after graduation. Students may not apply if they have already graduated university at the time of application. Students from overseas must have a grade point average of 3.6 out of 4.0 or the equivalent.