One-day Creative Writing Workshop: The Imagination and the Erotic in Poetry

Country: Czech Republic

City: Prague

Abstr. due: 31.10.2014

Dates: 07.11.14 — 08.11.14

Area Of Sciences: Arts; Cultural science;

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Organizers: Inter-Disciplinary


This intensive one day workshop is titled after William Butler Yeats’s tempation poem. The evocative title of his poem will serve as a lead-in to the workshop. Aside from “All Things Can Tempt Me,” we will read other poems that sometimes depart from the merely physical world into the erotic imagination and fantasy. In doing so, we will explore different ways in which poems can accommodate the erotic. Through examples of erotic poems participants will sharpen their critical thinking in what makes an erotic poem. During our workshop we will also write poems that draw from imagination and traverse often in manifold fantasies. We will try to draw the parallel between eroticism and creative expression. The poets of erotic poetry can function just as cinematic spectators or they can express themselves through depictions of erotic spaces, sexual union, even transgression. Furthermore, we will focus on elements of craft:

– How do you write an erotic poem?
– How do images contribute to the meaning?

 Participants will work on several in-class writing tasks that may result in poems that inhabit all manner of the erotic fantasy. Your writing will be read and discussed by everyone in your group, giving you the advantages of an engaged readership. Everyone is expected to give the same considered feedback to others on their work. The poems will be presented at the end of the workshop on a poetry reading in the afternoon. Writers of all experience levels who have an impulse to try writing poems are welcome to take part.

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