3rd International Conference "Paradigm Shift in Innovative Business Management"

Country: India

City: Indore

Abstr. due: 30.10.2014

Dates: 06.12.14 — 07.12.14

Area Of Sciences: Economics and management;

Organizing comittee e-mail: Info@vsom.in

Organizers: Vishisht Institute of Professional Studies And Research


Paradigm changes and innovations have always been an inevitable part of society’s evolution. While changes are unevenly distributed through time, they are often the drivers of incremental innovations. As new paradigms stimulate the development of new product-market opportunities, they also require new strategies and capabilities.  This raises questions about the nature of such strategies. With the grand success of our 1st International Conference (Sponsored by Indian Council for Social Science Research, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India) witnessing around 200 papers and II International Conference garnering more than 300+ research papers from across the world and scholarly participation, embarking pedagogic innovations and encouraging business-academia interface, the III International Conference on “Paradigm Shift in Innovative Business Management” is a dedicated effort to create a premier forum for the presentation of new advances and research results. The core focus of this conference is to provide a suitable and conducive platform to discuss, debate and present contemporary research in the area of economics, commerce, functional areas of management, novel business approaches and areas of inclusive and sustainable growth. The conference aims at bringing together leading Academicians, Business Managers, PhD Research Scholars and students from the Universities all around the world and the industry to exchange and share their experiences, new ideas, and research results about all aspects of Management and Education Innovation, and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted thereby.

Conference Sub-Themes

Theme I: - Business Eco System

  1. Ethics in Business Management
  2. Corporate Governance/CSR
  3. Crisis and Disaster Management
  4. Green Management
  5. Quality Assurance Practices
  6. Inclusive & Sustainable Growth through SHGs/NGOs


Theme II: - Innovation & Entrepreneurship

  1. Social/ Women/ Rural Entrepreneurship
  2. Role of Government Institutions in Trade and Development
  3. Managerial Excellence and Intrapreneurship
  4. Intellectual Property Rights
  5. Entrepreneurship through Waste Utilization
  6. Trade of Carbon Credits


Theme III: - Brand Building

  1. Consumer Perceptions  & Relationship Management
  2. Social Networks Marketing
  3. Digital Marketing/ M- Marketing
  4.  Retail Marketing/Rural Marketing/ Service Marketing
  5. Value Chain Management
  6. Public Relations Strategies


Theme IV: - E-Development

  1.  Simulation Techniques
  2. Impact of ICT on Society
  3. E- Wallet
  4. Digital Society/ Business
  5. Cloud Computing Applications
  6. Cyber Crimes and Preventions


Theme V: - Monetary & Wealth Management

  1. Investment & Financial Planning
  2. Global Finance & Accounting Practices
  3. Insurance & Risk  Management
  4. Public Finance Policies  
  5. Micro Finance & Financial Services
  6. Global Laundering


Theme VI: - People Management

  1. Transformational Leadership
  2. Work Place Relations & Legal HRM
  3. HR Audit
  4. Performance Culture & Stress Management
  5. Skill Gap Analysis and Employment
  6. Diverse Workforce - Impacts & Rewards


Theme VII: - Being Human & Education System

  1. Dynamism in Moral Education
  2. Globalization/Privatization of Higher Education
  3. Changing Evaluation Patterns in Education
  4. Vedic, Yogic and Value-Based Education
  5. Gender Sensitization
  6. Knowledge Management


Theme VIII:-International Business

  1. International Trade Relations
  2. Management Challenges in Emerging Economies
  3. International Banking & Monetary Practices
  4. Cross Border Investment
  5. Role of International Trade Regulatory Bodies
  6. Global Brand Management

Conference Web-Site: http://www.vsom.in/conference.html

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