3rd International conference on "Spirituality : The Essence of Ethical Leadership and Management"

Country: India

City: Varanasi

Abstr. due: 20.10.2014

Dates: 22.11.14 — 24.11.14

Area Of Sciences: Philosophy;

Organizing comittee e-mail: smsicon2014@smsvaranasi.com smsicon2014@gmail.com

Organizers: School of Management Sciences


Leaders are expected to behave ethically. Today there is a growing demand from the society and other stakeholders that leaders should come out of their narrow thinking processes and focus on integrated and inclusive decision making where the interest of multiple stakeholders including society and environment are also taken care of. With expanding boundaries of business and technology coupled with a more vibrant economic, political, and social structure of the world complexity in leadership and management practices has increased manifold often leading to unethical practices. It won’t be inappropriate to say that current leadership and management practices are aiming for doing larger things instead of better things. Probably this is the reason that today we have more experts and so is the case with world problems. Somehow, wisdom in leadership and management practices is lost in the narrow and divisive decision making It is strongly realized now by the world that for developing ethical leadership and management practices, a congruence of secular (material) and sacred (spiritual) dimensions is must for bringing change in the world based on connectedness, love, trust, and harmony so that peace and prosperity across the world can be achieved. The theme of the conference is that how could spirituality which is the foundation of universal love and source of our existence be a solution for ethical leadership and management practices. This international conference is being organized to provide a common platform for everybody to discuss, exchange, and present the ideas, thoughts, and research work so as to develop a better understanding on the theme of the conference.

The Sub Themes of the Conference are:

  • Role of Spirituality in Leadership
  • Spirituality for Ethical Management Practices
  • Corporate Ethics and Spirituality
  • Ancient Indian Spiritual Foundations for Leadership and Management Practices
  • Traditional Wisdom of East and West for Leadership and Management Practices
  • Spirituality for Authentic Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Spirituality for Ethical Corporate Governance
  • Mindfulness
  • Workplace Spirituality
  • Sustainability through Spirituality
  • Spirituality for Social Innovations
  • Technologies for Human Welfare
  • Harmonious Co-existence of Materialism, Ethics and Spiritual Values in Leadership and Management Practices
  • Spirituality for Self Management
  • Role of Value based Education

Conference Web-Site: http://www.icon.smsvaranasi.com/

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