A Small Symposium on Athens as Archive and Arrow to the Future

Country: Greece

City: Athens

Abstr. due: 03.11.2014

Dates: 01.06.15 — 04.06.15

Area Of Sciences: Philosophy; Arts; Architecture;

Organizing comittee e-mail: book@atiner.gr

Organizers: ATINER


How can Athens be thought of as an “archive of the social use of form?” This session invites papers from thinkers interested in discourse on how art and architecture today, certainly evidenced in Athens, is an urban form, structured by economics, politics, technology and the environment.  Deleuze’s  ‘any-space-whatever,’ conceptualized by Peter Osborne as non-places and flows may be visualized not only as the past, the present and the future, but as a rupture, a discontinuation, even a hiatus from “progress.” What does it mean to live in the urban environment where thought alone is the transporter? We welcome papers on archive, environmental, technological, sociology, critical theory, art criticism, climatology, time travel, Bergsonian theory, philosophy, museum studies, art history, multiplicity, intuition, simultaneity, cyborgs, avatars, web art, video, garden design, architecture, history, theater, ruins, global web network, digital imaging, etc from various disciplines including  art history, history, museum studies, museology, archival studies, history, environmental studies, earth atmosphere, and planetary science, geology, global studies and languages, philosophy, media arts and sciences, engineering, science, technology and society, urban studies and planning, and anthropology. 

Conference Web-Site: http://www.atiner.gr/artath.htm