15th European Conference on eGovernment – ECEG 2015

Country: United Kingdom

City: Portsmouth

Abstr. due: 27.12.2014

Dates: 18.06.15 — 19.06.15

Area Of Sciences: Law; Computer science;

Organizing comittee e-mail: sue.nugus@academic-conferences.org

Organizers: Academic Conferences and Publishing International Ltd


This is an exciting time for researchers and practitioners in e-government. E-government is often described as transformational, a dynamic field that is at the forefront of change in government and wider society. E-government activity is redefining what governments do, the services they provide, how they interact with business and citizens and, transforming the very nature of society. It is also empowering individuals to participate in society, government and political activity as well as opening up new areas of business and innovation.


The ECEG 2015 hopes to bring together researchers and practitioners for stimulating discussion, networking and dissemination of current thinking in e-government activity.


Portsmouth is a vibrant city on the beautiful South Coast of the UK only 90 minutes from central London. It offers a rich cultural heritage and places of interest for visitors to complement

Conference Web-Site: http://academic-conferences.org/eceg/eceg2015/eceg15-home.htm