Transparency and Secrecy

Country: USA

City: Madison

Abstr. due: 05.01.2015

Dates: 09.04.15 — 10.04.15

Area Of Sciences: Philosophy; Law;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: University of Wisconsin


Transparency is important in a variety of ways, and disputes about transparency and secrecy permeate much of our public discourse. This year’s meeting of the IER seeks papers from a variety of perspectives and disciplines addressing questions about transparency and secrecy, for example:

  • What is transparency? What does it mean for something to be kept secret or made transparent?

  • What justifies transparency in different domains?

  • When is transparency bad, or unjustifiable? When is secrecy good, or justifiable?

  • Lots of organizations seek to make government and corporate actions transparent

  • (e.g., fact-checking organizations, open records advocacy organizations, market watchdog groups). Do they succeed? What criteria should we use to determine whether they succeed? Do they introduce other questions of information flow?

  • What policies in scientific research and publishing, in journalism, in government, and in commerce best promote transparency?

  • Is secret law really law?

  • Is it possible to maintain and build trust within a climate of secrecy?

The goal of the 2015 Roundtable is to bring together scholars and professionals to examine these and related issues pertaining to transparency and secrecy, broadly construed. Hence, we welcome submissions on these and any related topics, and we encourage submissions from a broad range of disciplines.

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