Directing Biosynthesis IV

Country: United Kingdom

City: Norwich

Abstr. due: 16.01.2015

Dates: 25.03.15 — 27.03.15

Area Of Sciences: Chemistry; Biology;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: Royal Society of Chemistry


Natural products produced predominantly by microorganisms and plants have inspired the development of many blockbuster drugs and crop protection agents. Natural Products research is strategically important to industry and society globally, and we are fortunate to have a vibrant research community engaged in this activity.

Directing Biosynthesis IV will be the fourth in a successful series of meetings. While the field is driven by genetic and associated technological advances, the fields of organic chemistry, enzymology, biochemistry and ecology will continue to make strong contributions. Chemistry remains the central focus. 

Directing Biosynthesis IV will feature an opening Frontiers session as well as a Perspectives session to mark the 25th anniversary of the discovery of modular thiotemplate assembly lines for polyketide biosynthesis. A session on Synthetic Biology & Bioengineering will showcase some of the important past, current and future contributions biosynthesis is making towards these areas.

Scientists interested in the biosynthesis of natural products, particularly with a focus on harnessing these processes to enable biosynthetic/metabolic engineering, will have significant opportunity for networking and presenting their own work during poster sessions and talks.


The 2015 Conference will be set around 5 key session themes. Click on the links below for session and speaker information.

Natural Products Frontiers

The challenges and opportunities facing natural products science.

Discovery and Diversity

A showcase for natural product discovery and advances in genome mining.

Perspective: Thiotemplate Assembly Line Biosynthesis

To mark the 25th anniversary of the discovery of processive polyketide biosynthesis by modular enzymes.

Tools & Technology

A session describing the new tools & technology enabling the advancement of natural products science.

Synthetic Biology and Bioengineering

The final session, introduced by Professor David Hopwood in the year of the 30th anniversary of his ground-breaking paper on the biosynthetic engineering of hybrid antibiotics.

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