Joint Conference on Digital Libraries 2015

Country: USA

City: Knoxville

Abstr. due: 16.01.2015

Dates: 22.06.15 — 26.06.15

Area Of Sciences: Computer science;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: ACM/IEEE


The theme of the 2015 conference is "Large, Dynamic and Ubiquitous – The Era of the Digital Library". Big Data is everywhere – from Computational Science to Digital Humanities, from Web Analytics to traditional libraries. While there exist significant challenges in other areas, for many the biggest issues are digital libraries questions  – How do we preserve big data collections? How do we provide access to big data collections? What new questions can we pose against our big data collections? How can we, the digital libraries community, stand up in the face of these challenges and support collection builders, curators, and interface developers in solving their challenges? What assumptions have we been working under no longer hold in light of Big Data? These are some of the timely questions we hope to address at JCDL 2015.

The intended community for this conference includes those interested in all aspects of digital libraries such as infrastructure; institutions; metadata; content; services; digital preservation; system design; scientific data management; workflows; implementation; interface design; human-computer interaction; performance evaluation; usability evaluation; collection development; intellectual property; privacy; electronic publishing; document genres; multimedia; social, institutional, and policy issues; user communities; and associated theoretical topics. JCDL welcomes submissions in these areas.

Submissions that resonate with the JCDL 2015 theme are particularly welcome; however, reviews, though they will consider relevance of proposals to digital libraries generally, will not give extra weight to theme-related proposals over proposals that speak to other aspects of digital libraries. The conference sessions, workshops and tutorials will cover all aspects of digital libraries.

Participation is sought from all parts of the world and from the full range of established and emerging disciplines and professions including computer science, information science, web science, data science, librarianship, data management, archival science and practice, museum studies and practice, information technology, medicine, social sciences, education and humanities. Representatives from academe, government, industry, and others are invited to participate.

JCDL 2015 invites submissions of papers and proposals for posters, demonstrations, tutorials, and workshops that will make the conference an exciting and creative event to attend. As always, the conference welcomes contributions from all the fields that intersect to enable digital libraries. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Collaborative and participatory information environments
  • Cyberinfrastructure architectures, applications, and deployments
  • Data mining/extraction of structure from networked information
  • Digital library and Web Science curriculum development
  • Distributed information systems
  • Extracting semantics, entities, and patterns from large collections
  • Evaluation of online information environments
  • Impact and evaluation of digital libraries and information in education
  • Information and knowledge systems
  • Information policy and copyright law
  • Information visualization
  • Interfaces to information for novices and experts
  • Linked data and its applications
  • Personal digital information management
  • Retrieval and browsing
  • Scientific data curation, citation and scholarly publication
  • Social media, architecture, and applications
  • Social networks, virtual organizations and networked information
  • Social-technical perspectives of digital information
  • Studies of human factors in networked information
  • Theoretical models of information interaction and organization
  • User behavior and modeling
  • Visualization of large-scale information environments
  • Web archiving and preservation

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