Molecular chaperones: From molecules to cells and misfolding diseases

Country: Greece

City: Heraklion

Abstr. due: 01.02.2015

Dates: 08.05.15 — 13.05.15

Area Of Sciences: Biology; Medicine;

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Organizers: EMBL


How cells and organisms manage protein homeostasis is an important issue as protein misfolding and aggregation is associated with a growing number of diseases and ageing. The EMBO Conference will focus on these topics, including the principles of protein folding, mechanisms of chaperone machines and networks as well as the deposition and turnover of aggregates in cells. Taken together, a multi-facetted picture of cellular proteostasis will be presented ranging from single molecule mechanics, structural and theoretical studies, biochemical and in vivo analyses at the organelle and cell levels to findings related to therapeutic intervention for so far intractable diseases of protein misfolding.

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