Engineering Information Foundation: Гранти інженерам – інноваторам та жінкам

Country: Europe;

Deadline: 28.02.2015



Engineering Information Foundation’s mission is to improve worldwide engineering education and practice through information technology and the recruitment of women.

Foundation’s grant activity supports developmental projects, instructional projects, and training programs in engineering education. Your project might focus on identifying innovative educational models, implementing them in your curriculum, and testing your approach or testing models already in place.

What Foundation Like to See:
– Innovative projects, with measurable results;
– Projects that promote significant and lasting change;
– Projects that can be successfully replicated elsewhere;
– Methodologies that are specific, well-defined and cost-effective.

Foundation suggest that you request a grant amount between $5,000 and $25,000. We encourage you to attract a matching grant from another source, if necessary. Requests for multi-year grants are discouraged.

Deadlines for submissions are:
– February 28;
– August 31.

For applying send to 180 West 80th, Street Suite 207, New York, NY 10024-6301 supporting information:
– Detailed budget;
– Program goals and objectives;
– Statement of work tasks to be accomplished, with timeline;
– Staff qualifications;
– Information about the organization and evidence of tax status. List of directors/key personnel, financial statements, and sources of support. For non-U.S. institutions please include: an affidavit of equivalency, and/or name of intermediary organization.