National Seminar On Role of Libraries In Supporting Research Impact

Country: India

City: Kashmir

Abstr. due: 28.02.2015

Dates: 16.03.15 — 17.03.15

Area Of Sciences: Arts; Cultural science;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: University of Kashmir


Libraries are an important part of every educational system, and Universities and Research Centers are the ones that are highly dependent and reliable on libraries because of the academic resources in the form of books, journals, theses & dissertations, newspapers etc. They are crucial platforms for sharing and dissemination of new scientific trends and information. The evolution of libraries has also changed the face of them in terms of providing various resources and services. In the era of Web, libraries have also become techy and the librarians, techno-savvy. The information that the earlier libraries provided and the services the librarians provided have mutated to a greater extent. The level of accessibility and availability of library resources and services are no more bound to the constraints of time and space. “Information at fingertips”is the current slogan of today’s libraries. Researchers, academicians, students etc. now accessthe information in a more democratic set-up up in the form of digital libraries.  Digital libraries which supplement the traditional library set-ups  provide access to a diversity of multimedia and multi -type documents created by integrating content from many video, to scientific data archives, and databases. The current digital canvassing of information has made a user of information both a consumer and a producer. They are really accelerating the pace of “academic competence” in the research world in the form of new databases; research tools and methodologies; and what else not. Though the provision of new resources and services through new library set-ups is the trend these days but they have also come up with challenges especially the ones related to information processing and retrieval. This big issue of informational retrieval has posed many challenges to the present information systems and the information professionals associated with them. It is right to say that now the users have a tough time to decide a “right path” and a “wrong path”. Also a big challenge that has evolved with the evolution of new information systems is the quality, value and impact of resources and services. In this context the seminar will try to showcase the role that libraries are playing all across the globe and the issues and challenges associated with them in meeting the user demands.

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