5th International Earthquake Symposium Kocaeli 2015

Country: Turkey

City: Kocaeli

Abstr. due: 06.03.2015

Dates: 10.06.15 — 12.06.15

Area Of Sciences: Geology and mineralogy; Geography;

Organizing comittee e-mail: info@kocaeli2015.org

Organizers: Kocaeli University


On 17th of August, 1999 our region has been stricken by a catastrophic disaster. Thousands of people lost their lives during Marmara Earthquake which has caused heavy damages in Kocaeli and in neighboring cities Sakarya and Yalova. Thousands of citizens have been wounded and some of them have been condemned to live with marks of earthquake since they have become permanently disabled because of the earthquake.

Search and rescue operations that have begun immediately after the Marmara Earthquake that caused wide pain, and aids provided to our cities and region have played an important role to relieve our pain. We could cope with negative effects of earthquake within a short period due to the support of our government, benefactor public, friendly and neighboring countries and support of nations from different regions of the World. We dressed our wounds, bore our sorrow without complaining and we tried to hold on to the life.

Kocaeli University, of which Arslanbey and Anıtpark Campus, Research Hospital and many buildings have damaged and which had many staff loss, has become a glimmer of hope for local people by beginning to give education and training after correcting its deficiencies in a very short time after the earthquake. Thousands of students coming outside the city had opportunity to have education and accommodation in allocated buildings and they contributed to freshening of social and economic life.

Esteemed Scientists, Researchers and Earthquake Experts:

As a person and academician experiencing earthquake and post-earthquake distress since I and my family were trapped in the wreckage, I consider that we should take lessons from this catastrophic disaster and take necessary measures in order not to experience such sorrow. Kocaeli University by considering this as a duty has shown necessary sensitivity to earthquake reality of our country and did its part of responsibility by organizing 4 earthquake symposiums since 2003. Results of symposiums organized with scientific supports of scientists and researchers and economic supports of leading institutions of our city and country has focus attention to earthquake measures and has become effective in searching new ways and methods for protection from earthquake. Sensitivity of our university for earthquake is worthy of commendation.   

In order to keep this sensitivity alive and ensure sustainability of interest for earthquake, we have decided to organize another earthquake symposium in 2015. Earthquake Symposium that will be organized as 5th symposium will be realized by support of 11 different occupational groups and departments. Although earthquake falls within area of engineering sciences as a disaster, it also falls within medicine and social sciences due to its effects on people afterwards. Therefore, pre- and post-earthquake study areas such as Urban Transformation, Construction Safety and Disaster Management topics have been included in submission topics. We will be pleased to see scientists and researchers interested in these topics in 5th Earthquake Symposium that will be realized between 10 and12 June 2015. We pay attention to submissions to be submitted on aforementioned topics and issues basing on protection from earthquake, and discussions on them; we expect your participation to mentioned “Earthquake Symposium, Kocaeli 2015”.

Conference Web-Site: http://www.kocaeli2015.org/