4th Beilstein Glyco-Bioinformatics Symposium

Country: Germany

City: Potsdam

Abstr. due: 27.03.2015

Dates: 22.06.15 — 26.06.15

Area Of Sciences: Chemistry; Biology;

Organizing comittee e-mail: glycobioinformatics@beilstein-institut.de

Organizers: Beilstein-Institut


  • Topics 2015:


  • Carbohydrates in diagnosis and therapy

  • Bridging the gap between analysis and storage of glycan data

  • Structure–function relationships of carbohydrates

  • Carbohydrate–protein interaction and glycoarrays

  • Integration of glycomics with other -omics fields

  • Software tools for analysis and data mining

Conference Web-Site: http://www.beilstein-institut.de/en/symposia/glyco-bioinformatics