International Conference on Language, Teaching and Education

Country: Malaysia

City: Selangor

Abstr. due: 10.04.2015

Dates: 15.06.15 — 16.06.15

Area Of Sciences: Pedagogy;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: ACSTAIR


We invite Abstracts and Full Paper submissions.
The followings are suggested topics arranged in sub themes.We, however, accept all papers and do not limit to these topics and sub themes:
Language Teaching

    Teaching of Malay language
    Teaching of Indonesian language
    Teaching of literature
    Teaching of folklore
    Teaching of poetry
    Teaching of prose
    Teaching profession
    Teaching of drama
    The teaching of grammar
    The teaching of writing skills
    The teaching of listening skills
    Teaching of dialects
    The teaching of reading skills
    Language for special purposes
    Teaching of other languages
    The teaching of semantics
    The teaching of syntax
    The teaching of morphology
    Idioms in the teaching of language
    Teaching language for special needs.
    Students as facilitators in language teaching
    Theory versus experience in language teaching
    Popular culture in language teaching and learning
    Other disciplines of knowledge in language teaching
    Teaching of language in higher learning institutions
    Standards based performance in language evaluation
    Teacher-students collaborations in language teaching and learning

Teaching Strategies

    Contextual teaching
    Quantum teaching
    Literature in language teaching
    Teaching of second language
    Teaching of foreign language
    Language as a medium of solidarity
    Putting theory into classroom practice
    Methodology of language learning
    Teaching language as second language
    Indigenous language teaching strategies
    Constructivism in teaching of language
    Cognitive strategies in language teaching
    Teaching of language for economic purposes
    Students participation in language teaching
    Project based learning in language teaching
    Upholding language through classroom teaching    
    The use of drama or theater in language teaching
    The inculcation of culture through language teaching

Technologies and Language Teaching

    Mobile learning
    Language and ICT
    Computer assisted language learning
    Computer based learning
    Using videos for language teaching
    New technologies in language teaching
    Teaching for the future using technologies
    Internet and language learning


    Adult Education
    Anthropology and Education
    Arts Education
    Blended Education
    Contemporary issues in education
    Curriculum Studies
    Distance Education
    Early Childhood Education
    Education and Religion
    Educational Psychology
    Environmental Education
    Gender and Education
    Health Education
    Higher Education
    Language Education and Literacy
    Lifelong Learning
    Mentoring and Coaching
    Multicultural Issues in Education
    Philosophy of Education
    Primary Education
    Quality in Education
    Values and Education
    Vocational Education and Training
    Other areas of Education


    Action research in language teaching
    Evaluation in language teaching
    Alternative evaluation in language achievement    
    Language planning in language teaching
    Designing contextual curriculum for language teaching

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