Aging and Dying - interdisciplinary approaches

Country: Canada

City: Ontario

Abstr. due: 01.04.2015

Dates: 16.10.15 — 18.10.15

Area Of Sciences: Medicine; Sociology;

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Organizers: Queen's University


As a society whose aging population is steadily increasing, many believe that we are ill-prepared for the challenges that await us. Whereas people in the past often died at home, today most people age and die in isolation under the care of retirement homes or hospitals. As a result, we are not commonly exposed to aging and dying and are not prepared for what they entail.

We invite proposals from scholars in the Arts, Humanities and Medical disciplines that by exposing us to crucial aspects of these realities can help us better understand/ prepare for them.

Possible topics:

Past/current understandings of aging and dying (literature, cinema, art, philosophy, history, cultural media);

Critical assessments of current/past approaches or New/alternative approaches to to aging and dying.

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