Innovation and R&D Policies: perspectives between the North and the South

Country: France

City: Creil

Abstr. due: 15.04.2015

Dates: 27.08.15 — 29.08.15

Area Of Sciences: Law;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: Université de Picardie


In the context of the globalization of technological change associated with new technologies, the concentration of global companies in many sectors and the increasing issues related to socio-technical transitions (energy, ecological), public innovation and R&D policies should accelerate a change in development patterns and a reduction of spatial inequalities of development between the North and the South.

The topics that are covered by the 2015 Creil Summer School include:

A/.    What is the characterization of innovation policy (nature, objectives, methods ...) in the South? What are the similarities and the differences between these policies in the North, the South, in emerging countries or poor countries? Why and how the emergence of regional areas of R&D plays a role in the reconfiguration of public research investment according to the level of development (OECD, BRICS, middle income)?

B/.    How do public research and innovation policies emerge and what are the institutional changes that create synergies among different public policies (industrial, employment, agriculture, environment)? What are their effective contribution to economic development?

C/.    How do these policies for research and innovation contribute to organizing national and sectoral innovation systems in different development contexts? What are the limits and how to create the conditions necessary for making use of the scientific and technical knowledge with the tacit and local knowledge in the countries of the south?

D/.    How innovation actors (research centers and engineering, professional organizations, universities, companies, NGOs and associations) do they contribute to the development and the implementation of innovation policies?

E/.    What are the mechanisms of and indicators for the evaluation of R&D and innovation policies? These indicators can they measure the efficiency of these policies and their contribution to economic and social development?

The Creil Summer School 2015 is open to researchers and gives a substantial place to the works of doctoral students. The Summer School will feature plenary sessions with invited speakers, special sessions around key topics and sessions specifically dedicated to early-stage doctoral students. A round table will conclude the Creil Summer School 2015. These three days will be accompanied with cultural events to extend the discussions in a relaxing atmosphere. The Saturday August 29, 2015 will be dedicated to the visit of Chantilly Chateau.

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