15th International Nutrition & Diagnostics Conference

Country: Czech Republic

City: Prague

Abstr. due: 30.04.2015

Dates: 05.10.15 — 08.10.15

Area Of Sciences: Medicine;

Organizing comittee e-mail: horna@radanal.cz

Organizers: RADANAL, Ltd.


Conference Topics

    Novel trends in food processing and diagnostics (nanotechnology, etc.)

    Food safety

    Food microbiology (including antibiotic resistance)

    Functional foods

    Food supplements

    Phytochemicals and natural antioxidants

    Nutrition and health

    Foodborne diseases

    Food chain and gut ecology

    Nutrients in detoxification and their mechanisms of action

    Nutrition and development of immunity

    Nutrition and microbiota

    Nutrition related diseases

    Nutrition and clinical diagnostics

    Bringing together Biochemistry and Diagnostics

    Targeted Nutritional Therapy (nutrition for sportsmen, nutrition supplements)

    To drink or not to drink wine

    Beer and Health - Beer in a healthy diet, Why to drink Czech beer

    Polyphenols and health  (including flavonoids and polyphenolics, their natural occurrence and use in enriched foods, electrochemically active substances in beer, wine, tea, coffee, spices, cereal products, bee products, honey, and their possible positive effect on human health)

    Chemistry in the human body (recommended doses of vitamins and supliments, vitamin abuse, health hazards, special foods for special people, histamine intolerance, lactose intolerance)

    Oxidative metabolism (markers of oxidative damage to DNA, the role of Vitamins C, E, A, D, carotenoids and coenzyme Q10, homocysteine, folic acid, vitamins B2, B6, B12, measurement of nitric oxide and hydroxyl radicals in vivo, protection against free radicals)

    Phytoestrogens, isoflavones (hormonal therapy risks, the use in cosmetics, protective mechanisms)

    Probiotics, prebiotics and human health (the role of probiotics, prebiotics and biofoods)

    What to eat or not to eat to prevent cancer

    What to eat for weight control

    Analytical methods for analysis of biological materials (separation and detection of bioactive compounds: state of the art of HPLC detectors: MS, Charged Aerosol Detector, electrochemical detectors, coulometric electrochemistry, metabolomics, compound stability, toxicity and metabolism ADME/Tox profiling)

    Pediatric aspects of nutrition

    Vitamin D


Conference Web-Site: http://www.indc.cz/en/

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