Creative Writing and Innovative Pedagogies (CWIPs) conference

Country: USA

City: Warrensburg

Abstr. due: 01.06.2015

Dates: 16.10.15 — 17.10.15

Area Of Sciences: Pedagogy;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: Mississippi State University


The exponential increase in Creative Writing degrees and programs at the undergraduate and graduate level has been well-documented, and much thought and scholarship has been devoted to the impact the Academy has on the writing community and subsequent creative output. However, there has been only a limited amount of public conversation about and research into the pedagogical approaches that have been or might be used in Creative Writing classrooms and programs. How are teachers of Creative Writing tweaking, extending, revolutionizing, or replacing the traditional Workshop model in their classrooms? What are or should be the academic and aesthetic goals of a Creative Writing class or program, and how can these goals be achieved? For this conference we are seeking papers that discuss theories that inform creative writing pedagogy, strategies and practical applications in the Creative Writing classroom, development of curriculum at the program level, and pedagogical innovations beyond the classroom.
Proposals are welcomed and encouraged from all teachers of Creative Writing, including graduate students and those who teach outside of the Academy.
Teaching Fellowships: A limited number of teaching fellowships are available for this conference. The conference registration fee ($40) is waived for fellows, who are invited to work one-on-one with an undergraduate Creative Writing student at UCM in a half-hour conference on Friday afternoon.
To Submit: a one-page proposal for your paper, CV, and indicate in a cover letter (1) whether you are proposing a panel, individual paper, or paper that fits in an existing panel topic, (2) which existing panel topic you are proposing a paper in, and (3) if you wish to be considered for a Teaching Fellowship.

Panels: Individuals registering for the CWIPs conference may submit a paper on any topic relating to the teaching of creative writing, but his/her chances may be improved if s/he submits in the following panel topics:

- The Flipped Workshop: Using Technology to Facilitate Learning Creative Writing
- The Hypoxic Workshop: A Writing-Intensive Approach
- The Music Education Model: Incorporating 1-on-1 Instruction into Creative Writing Curricula
- Creative Writing as Literature: Finding Moments of Success within Failed Student Stories/Poems
- Is Writing Therapeutic?: Navigating Student Catharsis in the Creative Writing Classroom
- Stories & Poems as Products: Achieving a Sense of Audience by Pursuing an Actual Audience
- Writing Abhors a Vacuum: Teaching “Special Topics” in Creative Writing
- Motivation and the Creative Writing Classroom: Incentives vs. The Self-Driven Writer
- Teaching Strange: The Impossible Art of Poetic Weirdness

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