Freedom & Virtue: Re-Inventing Free Institutions in an Era of Globalization

Country: USA

City: Pasadena

Abstr. due: 01.06.2015

Dates: 06.08.15 — 09.08.15

Area Of Sciences: Sociology;

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Organizers: Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies


Science, technology, trade, and communications now drive all aspects of life in the global village, with novel challenges for both individuals and societal institutions. In an era of instant communications, people have great difficulty in establishing and sustaining meaningful relationships. The Internet and social media in particular tend to erase the boundary between the private and the public. The prospect of atomized individuals in a mass society tethered to a materialistic worldview, who can be manipulated easily by commercial interests or political ideologies, defines a new vulnerability, with far-reaching consequences for society, at home and abroad.

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