International Conference on Appropriate Technology 2015

Country: Indonesia

City: Bandung

Abstr. due: 01.06.2015

Dates: 05.10.15 — 07.10.15

Area Of Sciences: Technical sciences;

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Organizers: Center for Appropriate Technology Development


echnology has been the major driving force for increasing agricultural productivity and promoting agricultural development. However not all technology can help in agriculture development, but many technologies also create new problem for the community and therefore many people still live in poverty. Many studies shown that many farmers have not adopted those technologies, so they still live in poverty. One of the problem is the appropriateness of technology, so many technologies does not used by the community.

Appropriateness of technology has important affect on the level of adoption that have the potential to contribute to sustainable agriculture. Technology adoption is a broad concept, it is affected by the development, dissemination and application at the farm level of existing and new technology appropriate to the community and local needs.

Sustainable agriculture is main focus of economic development in most developing countries in the World, since agriculture is still the principal for way of life. However, most of people who depend on the agriculture sector for their livelihood live in poor condition and far from central growth. Only accelerated rural development through sustainable agriculture the developing countries could achieve development progress in reducing poverty.

Agriculture is a strategic sector in development. Main priorities policy in agriculture development include: achieving self-sufficiency in staple food; achieving national food security; balancing the needs of producers and consumers; increasing farmer welfare through higher incomes; diversifying food sources; increasing the competitiveness of agricultural production, value-added processing and export; and managing the effects of climate change.

Agriculture development could be achieved by technologies. Technology could increase agricultural capacity, such as improved seeds, farm-yard manure, and integrated pest management, post harvest technology. Agriculture development through technology, i.e. intensification can increase agricultural capacity but also creating problems related to the environment in term of the availability of local resources. While agriculture highly depend on natural resources availability. Those conditions would affect agricultural capacity. Agricultural productivity is declining. Therefore agricultural development should focus on its sustainability.

Many strategies can be applied for sustainable agriculture development. One of strategies is through utilization of appropriate technology. International Conference on Appropriate Technology Development 2015 is designed to formulate strategic way of using appropriate technology to sustain agricultural sector specifically in order to alleviate poverty. This conference would:

    Promote knowledge creation, documentation, sharing and transfer to support appropriate technology education, research, development and implementation.
    Focus on appropriate technology contributions to impact technology policy that will be environmentally sustainable and empower communities, particularly historically oppressed and disadvantaged populations
    Provide a forum for networking on appropriate technology solutions for sustainable agriculture development

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