Fairness in the Delivery of Health Care: An Examination of Pricing, Technology and People Issues

Country: Italy

City: Barga

Abstr. due: 15.06.2015

Dates: 16.09.15 — 19.09.15

Area Of Sciences: Medicine;

Organizing comittee e-mail: r.spier@surrey.ac.uk

Organizers: Engineering Conferences International


The delivery of health care is a major international issue.  Not only is the cost of the provision of this service increasingly burdensome, the way in which it is apportioned has become the subject of both ethical and practical consideration.  Currently, this matter is dealt with by governments, professional associations, individual pharmaceutical manufacturers, private insurance companies and charitable foundations but there has not been an overarching or underpinning set of principles that are accepted as the guidance for the promulgation of this aspect of social welfare. In particular, the ethical principles which guide the well meaning activities of these organizations rarely, if ever, openly discuss the issue of fairness in the provision of aid and support to those in greatest need.

It is projected, therefore, that the people who may contribute to and be informed by this conference will be drawn from all those who provide the material for healthcare as well as those who have a responsibility to allocate and deliver such benefits. The presence of members of those communities who are recipients of such provisions is essential so as to achieve views from all stakeholders in the health care delivery process. The meeting of those engaged in the delivery and receipt of health care provisions will enable interactions that will lead to a better understanding of what has been achieved, the lessons learned from those efforts and suggestions and innovations as to how this activity may be progressed and improved so as to achieve greater recognition of the enhancement of the fairness of the health care delivery process.

  • Who Should Attend:   Academics, Health care providers, Insurers, Government agencies, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Charitable Organizations and Professional OrganizationsBenefits of Conference to Attendees:  ECI holds new and innovative conferences in leading edge biomedical, biotechnology and engineering topics which are highly focused on important evolving areas of research.  Our meetings are patterned after the Gordon Conferences, but are much more interdisciplinary with participation from academics, government agencies, industry, and research institutions.  They are generally small side (50 – 150 participants), highly participative, and attract international attendees.  All attendees attend the same sessions together creating a more engaged environment for collaboration and discussion unlike most conferences.  Sessions can include invited keynote presentations, submitted papers, posters, and panel discussions or workshops.   Due to the design and size of the conferences, presentations are only from the top researchers in the evolving field. Our specific conference is intended as the first in a new series to explore the area of delivery of healthcare, bringing together attendees across multiple organizations who are struggling with this problem in an effort to begin an important dialogue and to share best practices and lessons learned to improve the fairness of healthcare delivery.  New technology solutions will also be explored and proposed models for government and industry partnerships to provide improved value to patients from the products they develop.

Conference Web-Site: http://www.engconf.org/conferences/biotechnology/fairness-in-the-delivery-of-health-care-an-examination-of-pricing-technology-and-people-issues/