Post-Graduate Multimedia Fellowship, USA

Country: USA;

Deadline: 01.04.2013



Scholarship / Financial aid: a $22,155 stipend ($527.50/week for 42 weeks)+free housing

Date: 1 year

Deadline: April 1, 2013

Open to: applicants with expertise in html and content management systems

This one-year, post-graduate, multimedia fellowship will begin in late summer 2013. Applicants must have either a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

The fellow manages and maintains our website. The fellow creates multimedia projects for the Scripps Howard Foundation Wire’s website, works with undergraduate interns to develop multimedia projects and provides leadership to a team to produce news stories and projects.

Qualified applicants must have expertise in html and content management systems. They will also have high-level skills in shooting photos and video using a DSLR camera and editing video.

The fellowship includes a $22,155 stipend ($527.50/week for 42 weeks), plus free housing in a furnished apartment shared with the program’s undergraduate interns. The fellowship does not include benefits and will not result in a job.

To apply

Mail, clipped together (no notebooks or binders):

+Completed application form.
+One-page essay critiquing our website.
+One or two letters of recommendation from professors or advisers.
+One or two names of previous job or internship supervisors, with telephone numbers and email addresses.
+A CD or DVD containing no more than five multimedia news or news feature projects, preferably including those for which you also wrote the story, or a URL or link to the projects online, as originally published.

Application packets for the 2013-2014 fellowship must be postmarked by April 1, 2013. Email or fax applications are not accepted. Email and fax recommendation letters are accepted. They must be received no later than one week after the mailing deadline.

Send application packet and letters to:

Jody Beck
Scripps Howard Foundation
1090 Vermont Ave. NW, No. 1000
Washington, DC 20005



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