Chemical Oceanography

Country: USA

City: Holderness

Abstr. due: 28.06.2015

Dates: 26.07.15 — 31.07.15

Area Of Sciences: Chemistry; Geography;

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Organizers: GRC


Many of the most dynamic and intriguing chemical processes in the ocean occur at interfaces. The rates and mechanisms of chemical reactions at interfaces can profoundly shape chemical oceanography, whether those interfaces be large-scale spatial boundaries (such as between water masses, biomes, or at air-sea and land-sea interfaces), smaller-scale transitions (such as between zones of different redox state in the water column or sediments), or micro-scale boundaries (such as at the interface between plankton and their aquatic medium or between mineral surfaces and seawater). Intriguing shifts in ocean chemistry have also occurred at temporal boundaries between different climatic periods, or between geological epochs. Progress in chemical oceanography increasingly relies on melding tools and perspectives from different disciplines in order to generate new insights and deeper understanding of important oceanic processes and features. Examples of disciplines across which chemical oceanographers work include biochemistry, molecular biology, geochemistry, analytical chemistry, materials science, and chemical oceanography. This conference seeks to highlight how chemical oceanographic research reveals the nature of processes at interfaces across space and time, as well as new interdisciplinary approaches to current questions.

In addition, for the first time since its inception, the Gordon Research Conference (GRC) in Chemical Oceanography will be preceded by a 2-day Gordon Research Seminar (GRS). Chaired by two postdoctoral scientists, the GRS is a forum for postdocs and graduate students to interact with their peers in a GRC-type atmosphere, where they can test their presentation and discussion skills in the absence of the more senior cadre. In addition to organizing presentations and posters by students and postdocs, the GRS chair and vice-chair will invite a keynote speaker to discuss professional development issues of concern to junior members of the field. Coupling the GRS with the GRC will greatly amplify the educational and professional experience of the students/postdocs, and will likely improve their ability to communicate their research at the subsequent GRC.


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