X International GUIDE Conference “Optimizing Higher Education for the Professional Student: A balance of flexibility, quality and cultural sensitivity”

Country: Austria

City: Vienna

Abstr. due: 30.06.2015

Dates: 16.09.15 — 18.09.15

Area Of Sciences: Pedagogy;

Organizing comittee e-mail: info@guideassociation.org

Organizers: GUIDE Association


The conference aims to promote discussion on improving higher education, bringing to light the needs of the evolving 21st century student and proposing new pedagogical strategies and technologies for meeting those needs. Particular attention will also be given to the continuing education and training of the working professional student, as well as the essential role of international collaboration and cultural sensitivity in the advancement of higher education research and technology.
Main themes:

    The Evolution of the University Student
        Researching the Impact of Social, Economic and Cultural Factors and Technological Trends
    Assuring Quality, Flexibility and Access in Distance Education
        New Technologies for the Professional Student
        Meeting the Needs of Students with Disabilities
        Case studies and research findings
    Career-Oriented Distance Education and Corporate Training
        Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Application
        Continuing Education for the Working Professional
        Models for Increased Efficiency and Productivity in the Workplace
    Connecting with the 21st Century Learner
        Innovation in Pedagogy, Methodology and ICT to Meet the Needs of the Evolving Student
        Strategies and Tips for Effective Teaching
        Learning Games and Media Education
    European Citizenship and Beyond
        Open and Distance Learning for National, International and European Collaboration and Research
        Successful examples of EU-funded projects

Conference Web-Site: http://www.guideassociation.org/10internationalconference_2015/index.php/en/