Atmospheric Chemistry

Country: USA

City: Waterville Valley

Abstr. due: 05.07.2015

Dates: 02.08.15 — 07.08.15

Area Of Sciences: Geography;

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Organizers: GRC


As is the tradition for this conference, the program will include a wide range of topics and new developments covering the field of atmospheric chemistry. The field is increasingly challenged by and in pursuit of improved understanding of multiphase processes, e.g. those involving gas interactions with cloud droplets, aerosol particles, ice, plant surfaces, urban surfaces, the sea surface, etc. Thus this conference will focus on new developments in our understanding of multiphase processes, and associated challenges. In general, the conference will provide a forum for discussion of a broad range of atmospheric chemistry topics, from Earth's surface to the stratosphere, the poles to the tropics, the fine scale to global. This meeting will specifically focus on new developments in aerosol phase chemistry and halogen chemistry, and the increasing role of satellite observations in many areas of atmospheric chemistry. We will also explore the rapid developments in our understanding of organic chemistry, in both the gas and aerosol phases. We will endeavor to make the conference exciting and engaging to all by encouraging presentations and discussions that connect theoretical and computational chemistry to laboratory kinetics and mechanistic studies and to field observations, testing our understanding with models. The conference will be attended by those participating in ACCESS XIII, the Thirteenth Atmospheric Chemistry Colloquium for Emerging Senior Scientists, which will be held at Brookhaven National Laboratory, New York immediately before the GRC.

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