Nonlinear Dynamics of Electronic Systems

Country: Italy

City: Como

Abstr. due: 12.07.2015

Dates: 07.09.15 — 11.09.15

Area Of Sciences: Physics and math;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: University of Insubria Dept. of Science and Technology


NDES 23rd edition will be hosted in Como by the University of Insubria Dept. of Science and Technology, Center for Non-linear and Complex Systems, in coincidence with the Universal Exposition Milano 2015, from Sept. 7 to 11th, 2015.

Scope of the conference is an open discussion of theoretical aspects of non-linear science, with particular emphasis on their interdisciplinary applications to electronic, atomic and biological complex systems.

Nonlinear phenomena are ubiquitous in nature:  biology and physiology, climate, economics and social sciences have all been impacted by the science of dynamics.

The mainstream theme of the conference is the theory of nonlinear oscillations in electronic circuits, with its potential applications. The scientific program of the conference will comprise both invited and contributed talks exploring this matter in many of its most recent advances.

Spatiotemporal dynamics of non-linear systems and complex networks is traditionally a second main topic of NDES. Here, the widespread class of phenomena known as synchronization constitute a fundamental problem that is addressed in these conferences. Its applications now range from simple electronic circuits to complex networks. Whether composed of arrays of electronic circuits, atoms in optical lattices, or neurons in the brain, these networks share a few common phenomena and a common mathematical and physical description.

The relevance of cross-disciplinary topics in the series of NDES conference has been increasing in the last years, and in 2015 we further encourage this evolution by organizing invited and contributed talks into special sessions on electronic networks, brain dynamics and neurocomputing, optical lattices,and more.

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