Postdoctoral Researcher, Advanced Electron Microscopy of 2D Nanomaterials

Country: Portugal;

City: Braga

Vacancy added: 15.06.2015

Employer: INL - International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory

Vacancy type: PostDoc vacancy;

For whom: For researchers;

Key responsibilities 

The project will involve carrying out high resolution electron microscopy and spectroscopy in order to understand the atomic structure of 2D nanomaterials. Understanding the atomic structure, nature of bonding, defects, dislocations and grain boundaries is crucial to elucidate magnetic, electronic and optoelectronic properties and hence the focus of the investigations will be towards achieving this objective.

Preferred skills and experience:
  • The candidate should have a strong background in high resolution imaging, spectroscopy and diffraction having employed them previously towards studying nanomaterials. Further knowledge of carrying out exit wave reconstruction, STEM/TEM simulation and generating structural models using standard software´s will be a plus. In addition he/she should have adequate experience in high temperature synthesis of nanomaterials. 
  • The successful candidate should have a PhD degree in science or engineering. The applicant should have a strong enthusiasm for interdisciplinary work, excellent English communication skills and should have exhibited a good track-record of disseminating experimental results to the scientific community. 

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