International Conference on Nusantara Manuscripts

Country: Indonesia

City: Pontianak

Abstr. due: 15.07.2015

Dates: 18.09.15 — 20.09.15

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: Indonesian Association for Nusantara Manuscripts or Masyarakat Pernaskahan Nusantara (Manassa)


International Conference on Nusantara Manuscripts is a forum that researchers, academics, teachers, book writers, and students can expose their ideas, researches and discourse on manuscripts studies. The forum is designed in such a way that it can effectively provide advice on current and future direction for the manuscripts research, exploration, inventorization and preservations.

We accept abstracts of research and theory-based discussion paper in any of the listed topic areas or related areas. Your abstract may consists of ideas or completed/ongoing/proposed research in manuscript inventorization, manuscript preservations, profiles of manuscripts owners, manuscripts and science, manuscripts and technology, manuscript and culture, manuscripts and local wisdom, manuscripts and language, philological study on manuscripts and the achievement of human civilizations.


    Nusantara manuscript inventorization,
    Nusantara manuscript preservations,
    Profiles of Nusantara manuscripts owners,
    Nusantara manuscripts and science,
    Nusantara manuscripts and technology,
    Nusantara manuscript and culture,
    Nusantara manuscripts and local wisdom,
    Nusantara manuscripts and language,
    Philological study on Nusantara manuscripts and the achievement of human civilizations.

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