Black Sea and the Balkans Economic and Political Studies Symposium

Country: Russian Federation

City: St. Petersburg

Abstr. due: 31.07.2015

Dates: 09.11.15 — 13.11.15

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: Bulent Ecevit University and St. Petersburg University of Economics


Today’s circumstances, like deepening globalization, the intensification of international competition and the growing importance of knowledge-based economy, have gradually increased the need for localization and regionalization. Cross-border cooperation has become more crucial because of the recent developments in the world and territorial movements due to those developments. Thus, the discussion of studies/topics in the fields of economics, politics, management and sociology as part of cross-border cooperation appears to be very substantial.

In this framework, “I. Black Sea and the Balkans Economic and Political Studies Symposium” being organized to develop the cooperation between the Black Sea and the Balkan countries, and create synergy among countries in the region had been completed successfully. By the broad participation of academicians and professionals who are specialized in various topics, the symposium had provided a basis for fruitful debates based on mutual interaction and created a platform for exchanging ideas. Besides, the symposium took its first step in realization of its aim of being a spatial organization to gather academicians and professionals who work interdisciplinary in economics, finance, management and international relations.

In this context, “II. Black Sea and the Balkans Economic and Political Studies Symposium” has been organized to support the network between academicians, policy makers, businessmen and other participants in the Black Sea and Balkan countries. To contribute to the aim of improving regional cooperation, Bülent Ecevit University and St. Petersburg State University of Economics are jointly organizing the symposium to be held in St. Petersburg, Russia with the main theme of Energy Issues in Black Sea Region. The region being located in a significant energy corridor and – as a result of this – the increase in its geopolitical importance will enable the participants to handle the issue of regional cooperation in a strategic position.

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