Velocity determination in liquid sodium experiments to study the Earth’s core

Country: Switzerland;

Deadline: 01.07.2015



This project works on a unique rapidly rotating liquid sodium experiment nearing completion,
and combines diagnostic development and experimental scientific investigations.
In our lab in Zurich we seek to investigate the fluid dynamics of rapidly rotating flows, in
either hydrodynamical (e.g. using water) or magnetohydrodynamical (e.g.
using sodium) settings. Such experiments are an exciting avenue with
which to understand convection and magnetic field generation in
planetary settings, and are often able to mimic the relevant physics in
the most realistic manner, often exceeding the reality of computer
simulations. Of paramount importance is the ability to diagnose the flows that are
generated using non-invasive techniques. One successful technique is to
use ultrasonic Doppler velocimetry, in which a sound wave is fired into
the liquid and reflected pulses are returned; these reflected pulses
contain information about the velocity of any scatterer in the fluid,
and as a result it is possible reconstruct velocity fields along a chord
penetrating the fluid.

You will work in the top-ranked Earth Science department worldwide:

You will benefit from excellent infrastructure and support. Language of the working environment is English. Salary is highly competitive.

Funding Notes:

You need a Masters degree and only those with the highest credentials should apply.

To apply send a CV and statement of motivation as a PDF document.
Word documents are not acceptable and will not be opened.



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