International Conference on Emerging Technologies : Micro to Nano 2015

Country: India

City: Jaipur

Abstr. due: 11.08.2015

Dates: 24.10.15 — 25.10.15

Area Of Sciences: Nanotech; Physics and math; Chemistry;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: Manipal University Jaipur


ETMN 2015 is an attempt in continuation of first conference ETMN 2013 to bring scientists and technology developers in the field of micro and nano size domains on one platform, disseminate, and discuss the challenges in these size domains, debate technology limitations and to showcase the possible roadmap ahead.

Future beckons mankind with extraordinary challenges of food, energy and water and probably Nanotechnology, and Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) will be dominating new frontiers of technology to solve these extraordinary problems with simple solutions. These technologies are advancing at a rapid pace and require new engineering techniques, new materials, newer or altogether different concepts of design and controls.

These emerging technologies, indispensable for developing adaptable man-machine interface, equipment and artificial organs for life support, are going to be another technical revolution in all pervading science and engineering fields.

The sharing of knowledge and dissemination of state-of-art is the need and key to efficient and optimal advancement in these areas. The conference will bring together the academicians, researchers, industrialists, peers and resources with the objective of mutual benefit.

ETMN-2015 is intended to provide a common platform for knowledge dissemination for researchers, academicians, practitioners and industries across the globe working in Nanotechnology, and MEMS areas.

The conference will include keynote addresses by eminent people in the field and technical papers.

The theme areas for the conference are (although not limited to):

    Microfluidics and Nanofluidics

All selected papers will be published in the proceedings of American Institute of Physics (AIP).

All papers will be peer reviewed and will be scored on quality, originality, organization, and relevance. Manuscripts having focus on theory, analytical modeling, simulation, application and/or experimental studies.

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