2nd International Conference of Ocean, Mechanical and Aerospace – Scientists and Engineers

Country: Indonesia

City: Batam

Abstr. due: 10.08.2015

Dates: 21.10.15 — 22.10.15

Area Of Sciences: Geology and mineralogy; Geography;

Organizing comittee e-mail: omase@polibatam.ac.id

Organizers: Politeknik Negeri Batam (Batam State polytechnic)


The 2nd Conference on Ocean, Mechanical and Aerospace for Scientists and Engineers is the conference organizes by International Society of Ocean, Mechanical and Aerospace – Scientists and Engineers – (ISOMAse).

The target for this conference is gathered the researchers involved in an area of ocean, mechanical and aerospace to share their findings and discuss the researches issue. We believe interchangeable of idea between researchers from ocean, mechanical and aerospace is important because all of the disciplines are sharing related sciences and engineering theories in their respect area. Therefore, we believe this conference will able to refresh the research experience of the people in these areas and generate impact for the cross discipline research collaboration and knowledge exchange.

For the second Omase then this year we are going to do with the format of two hosts. First in Batam for the Regular Base (All the topics) on 21 – 22 October 2015, in Politeknik Batam, Indonesia, while sepcial topic Mechanical and Manufacture in Pekanbaru.

The Success of First OMAse Conference 2015

The first conference of OMAse was conducted on November 18 ~ 20, 2014 in Resty Menara Hotel, Pekanbaru-Riau, Indonesia. This is the first International conference held to mark the passage of one year of Journal of Mechanical Aerospace Ocean -science and engineering- (JOMAse).

Syukur Alhamdulillah, OMAse conference shows pretty good progress. Starting with the sincere intention to bridge the obstacles to the researchers in publishing the results of their research as well as to bring the user in this world with the world of academia to industry can be established more intense cooperation and grow stronger belief that some other cooperation can be developed and also that the world of research in institutions do not walk alone so always be guided by the stakeholder or user will both users and practitioners surrounding communities.

Currently several joint research has been done and there are ongoing , which is managed by OCAri ( Ocean Aeropsace research institute ) at the University of Riau , Batam Polytechnic , to the topic of AIS ( Automatic Identification System ) with specific review that is solid track the movement of ships in the Strait of Malacca , and ISOMAse be respon- sible for making the establishment of joint research.

Forward several joint research plan between institutions, practitioners and other industry will be given more attention so intertwined good synergy between researchers and academics and foster the confidence of a user in this world insustri to apply some of the results of research and strengthen the academic world in riset- excellent research.

Conference Web-Site: http://omase.polibatam.ac.id/