Italian ‘Pluriverso’: Linguistic-Cultural Crossroads and Migration Patterns in Italian

Country: Italy

City: Macerata

Abstr. due: 07.08.2015

Dates: 10.12.15 — 11.12.15

Area Of Sciences: Humanities;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: Università degli Studi di Macerata


The coexistence of languages, cultures, traditions and knowledge characterizes modern societies, called to confront the phenomenon of migration, diversity and otherness on a large scale that questions established attitudes. Recent migratory flows from and to Italy, create complex problems on social, cultural and linguistic levels impacting daily life and its educational contexts, and in the process often alienates individuals and collective identities.

In Italy, like in many other countries, national languages are increasingly becoming the vehicle of citizenship and of the (re)construction of identities of new citizens, based on a multiple identity that is in constant transformation.

Besides language education, these issues are reflected in social, cultural and literary areas, where a new complexity arises. The activity of migrant writers and authors is emblematic as they move to Italy. Coming from different places or leaving the country to move abroad, they write in Italian, renewing as they adapt to the cultural, linguistic and literary heritage within and across national borders.

Through migratory flows and the linguistic-cultural contact arising from them, we can experience the outline of new adaptable spaces, fertile ground for the definition of new identities, in and through the Italian language and culture.

In this context, the conference aims to become a place for international dialogue among scholars of
different disciplines, whose work is often related in topics concerning the connection between language-culture, identity and migration patterns in the Italian language, according to a dual perspective that takes Italy as viewpoint:

- A local component, concerning migration to Italy;
- A global component, on the migration of Italians abroad.

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