Lexicalization Patterns in Colour Naming: a Cross-Linguistic Perspective

Country: Austria

City: Vienna

Abstr. due: 01.09.2015

Dates: 18.02.16 — 21.02.16

Area Of Sciences: Humanities;

Organizing comittee e-mail: imm17@wu.ac.at

Organizers: WU


The workshop aims to provide a forum about “lexicalization patterns” in colour  naming, mostly in  Indo - European ( IE ) languages but also in non - IE languages. The  term  lexicalization pattern comprises word - formation patterns as well as other  grammatical ( e.g.  syntactic) patterns used in colour naming. The workshop will  provide new evidence regarding lexi calization patterns of colour terms from a cross - linguistic perspective. It will also point to some regular lexicalization patterns shared  by different languages within the  IE language family .

T he workshop is based  on results of the E O SS project (Evolution of Semantic  Systems , 2011 - 2014 , Max Planck  Institute  for  Psycholinguistics , Nijmegen) on how  meanings vary over space and change over time.  Data from 50  IE  languages were col lected and some preliminary res u l ts were provided in Ma j id , Jordan & Dunn  ( 2015 ). One of the pr oject tasks was  a colour elicitation task that consisted of 84  Munsell colour chips arranged in a single fixed random order (materials developed by  Majid  & Levinson 2007). Colour chips differ ed with respect to brightness, hue and  saturation.  Twenty particip ants were asked  to name the chips that were presen ted  to  them individually and random ly . A pproximately  1 , 680 full responses were collected  in total for each IE language. These results  point to some  regularities and specificities  of  lexicalization patterns in colour naming in IE l angu ages .  For example, data  from some Slavic languages  ( such as Croatian , Czech and Polish ) show that compounding  is more pervasive than derivation . Compounding allows for a more fine - grained  naming of  the colour spectrum  and  allows for greater  creativity in colour naming than  derivation does

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