“Motivating Students with Mobiles"

Country: Greece

City: Thessaloniki

Abstr. due: 07.09.2015

Dates: 19.11.15 — 20.11.15

Area Of Sciences: Pedagogy;

Organizing comittee e-mail: snikou@uom.edu.gr

Organizers: University of Macedonia



The Special Session "Motivating students with Mobiles" (MsM'2015), within the "IMCL 2015 - International Conference of Interactive Mobile Communication Technologies and Learning", in line with the objectives of the last year MsM'2014 Special Session, aims to continue and promote the discussion about the motivational aspects of mobile learning.

Mobile learning, offers learners the potential to acquire knowledge and skills in a ubiquitous and personalized manner, facilitating a learner-centered learning experience in "anytime and anywhere" settings. Among the numerous elements that are associated with a successful mobile learning strategy, emotional, affective and motivational factors are considered especially important and need to be further investigated.

The Special Session will provide an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to present their latest work on evaluating the impact of mobile learning on student motivation and propose pedagogies, instructional design methodologies and implementations to support and enhance learning motivation through the appropriate uses of mobile technology.
Topics of Interest

The special session "Motivating Students with Mobiles" (MsM'2015) invites original papers (full/short/poster submissions) focusing on mobile learner motivation and engagement, self-regulation, perceptions, attitudes and acceptance, emotion and affective issues along with mobile learning performance.

Special focus will be given on motivation issues in game-based mobile learning and wearables-based learning. The topics include (but are not limited to):

    Modeling Motivation in Mobile Learning,
    Evaluation and Measurement of Motivation in Mobile Learning,
    Motivation theories and Mobile Learning,
    Pedagogies and Motivation in Mobile Learning,
    Motivation and Affect in Mobile Learning,
    Factors that affect Motivation in Mobile Learning,
    Motivation and Cognition in Mobile Learning,
    Motivation and Creativity in Mobile Learning,
    Personalized Motivational support in Mobile Learning,
    Motivational Feedback in Mobile Learning,
    Rewards in Mobile Learning,
    Problem-based and Project-based Mobile Learning to increase Motivation,
    Authentic Mobile Learning to increase Motivation,
    Motivation in Virtual and Remote operated labs with mobile devices,
    Motivation and Context-awareness,
    Motivation in Inquiry-based Mobile Learning,
    Motivation and Mobile Learning in STEM,
    Motivation in Lifelong Mobile Learning,
    Motivating Mobile Learning for students with disabilities,
    Motivation in Game-based Mobile Learning,
    Wearable technologies and motivation,
    Motivation in Wearables-based learning,
    Gamification and Motivation in Mobile Learning,
    Motivation in Mobile Collaborative Learning,
    Peer Motivation in Mobile Learning,
    Motivating students in mobile MOOCs,
    Motivating mobile students in Cloud-based Learning,
    Mobile Learning Assessment and Motivation,
    Mobile Learning Adoption and Acceptance,
    Teachers and Students perceptions about Mobile Learning,
    Parents perceptions about Mobile Learning.

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