The European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE) Saint Petersburg International Conference & Exhibition 2016

Country: Russian Federation

City: Санкт-Петербург

Abstr. due: 01.10.2015

Dates: 11.04.16 — 14.04.16

Area Of Sciences: Geology and mineralogy;

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Organizers: The European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE)


The European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE) invites you to the 7th Saint Petersburg Interna­tional Conference & Exhibition, which will be held 11-14 April 2016. This year, the theme will be ‘Understanding the Harmony of the Earth’s Resources through Integration of Geosciences.’ The event ensures a high-quality level for both the exhibition and conference, with more than 1,000 geologists, geophysi­cists and engineers from all around the world. In addition, the event expects some leading government officials from Russia. We look forward to welcoming you in Saint Petersburg!

1. Regional and Petroleum Geology of Russian Sedimentary Basins
2. Case Studies in Exploration & Production
3. Well Logging
4. Core and Fluid Analysis
5. Rock Physics and Geomechanics – Theory and Practice
6. Geological Interpretation of Seismic & Well Data
7. Seismic elastic Inversion, AVO
8. Near Surface Geophysics
9. Reservoir Modelling
10. Nonseismic Methods of Exploration
11. The Arctic Shelf - Technologies and Prospects for Development of Mineral Resources
12. Exploration & Production in Unconventional Reservoirs
13. Field Development, EOR, Monitoring and Drilling
14. Seismic Imaging, Seismic Inversion
15. Seismic Exploration Technologies (Land and Offshore Surveys)
16. Seismic Theory, Processing and Modeling
17. Fractured Reservoirs
18. State-of-Art Software and Hardware for Oil and Gas Field Modeling
19. Risk and Uncertainty Analysis & Economic Geology
20. Design and Monitoring of Vertical and Horizontal Well Drilling
21. Dedicated session in the honour of the 80th anniversary of academician Sergey Goldin

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