6th National Business Research Conference on "Latest Trends in Management, Economics & Social Sciences (LTMES-2015)"

Country: India

City: Siliguri

Abstr. due: 10.10.2015

Dates: 21.11.15 — 21.11.15

Area Of Sciences: Economics and management;

Organizing comittee e-mail: http://www.sitmbaconference.org/abstract.php

Organizers: Department of Business Administration, Siliguri Institute of Technology


The conference aims to capture the innovative ideas and knowledge, both theoretical and empirical, which will assist in guiding organization to manage business under different environmental conditions. With competition taking new moves almost every day, corporate houses need to focus on enhancement of competence in every sphere of functional areas whether it is in Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, or Finance and resolve all the issues concerned with management of all the capabilities that an organization may possess. The main objective of the conference is to provide a forum to discuss different issues and challenges related to functional areas of management and to provide feasible solutions to resolve problems.
Sub-themes of the conference
A. Strategic Marketing

Assessing Marketing Performance, International Marketing, Marketing Research, New Product Development, Marketing Strategy, Service Marketing, Buyer Behavior, Sports Marketing and Sponsorship, Integrated Marketing communications, Marketing Innovation and Planning, Delivering Customer Value, E-Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Direct Marketing, Services Management in Developing Countries, Channel & Physical Distribution Management, Marketing Strategies for Services, Strategic Market Management, Marketing Effectiveness, Customer Relationship Management, Sales Management, Advertisement, Brand Management, Retailing, Global Marketing, Supply Chain Logistics, Customer Service and Customer Relations, Contemporary Issues in Marketing, and all other market related topics.
B. Accounting, Finance, Banking & Economics

Management Accounting, Financial Accounting, Business Accounting, Accounting Information Systems, Auditing and Assurance, Accounting Process and Systems, Corporate Governance and Accountability, International Accounting, Cost Accounting. Foreign Currency Accounting, Financial Reporting and Statement Analysis, Governance and Financial Fraud, Accounting Education, Tax Accounting, Government and Non-Profit Accounting, Contemporary Issues in Accounting and Auditing Financial Restructuring, International Investment Management, Islamic Finance, Capital Markets, Risk Financing, Risk Transfer and Insurance, Risk Management, Insurance Law, Islamic Insurance Products and Process, Personal Wealth Management and Global liquidity constraints and Contemporary Issues in Finance, International Banking, Bank Lending, Commercial lending, International Banking, Consumer lending., Central bank policy, Lending decisions and Lending Policy, Country Risk, Economic Development and Policy, Macroeconomics Issues, Poverty and Human Development, Labor Economics, Emerging Economies, Commodities Markets, Sustainable Development and Special Economic Zones and All other economics topics.
C. Human Capital Management

Cross-cultural Management/International HRM, Diversity & inclusion: unlocking global potential, Talent Assessment Tools and Strategies, Effective Performance Management Systems to Enhance Organizational Capabilities, Organizational Change Management, People Change Management, Personal Change, Change Execution, Measure and Maximize Change ROI, Change Readiness of Organisations and Teams, Critical Elements of a Successful Change Approach, Change as a Multiplier of Business Results, Global Change Executives..Organizational Behavior/Industrial Psychology, Organization Development, Training & Development, Strategic Human Resource Management, Industrial Relations, Social Security, Labor Welfare, Compensation Management
D. Corporate Governance, Business Ethics, Hospitality & Tourism

Code of Ethics for Business, Business Communication, Corporate Social Responsibilities in Banks, Insurance and IT and ITeS Sector, Role of Government and Corporate Governance, Corporate Governance and Recent Financial Turmoil, Corporate Governance for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) sector, Corporate Governance in Public Sector Enterprises, CSR and Different Stakeholders, Social Movements and Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable development (use of green technologies, social responsibility), Contemporary trends in building and equipping hotels, Hotel and restaurants energy solutions, Motivation and human resources in tourism, Behaviour of tourists, Travel motivation and preferences, Tourism Policy and Planning, Public-Private Partnerships in Tourism, Creating routes – linking and protecting natural and cultural landscape, Designation of Origin, Geographical Indication and Traditional Specialty of Foods, Destination image and branding, Destination competitiveness, A Review of Renovation Research in tourism, Innovation patterns in sustainable tourism, Tourism Training and Education.

Conference Web-Site: http://www.sitmbaconference.org/about.php