Academic position in Economic Law

Country: Belgium;

City: Louvain

Vacancy added: 12.10.2015

Employer: Université catholique de Louvain

Vacancy type: PhD position; PostDoc vacancy;

For whom: For researchers;


The successful candidate will pursue academic research in Economic Law, including its European and International dimensions.

The successful candidate will be in charge of courses in commercial law, international economic law and/or business law, which are part of the different programmes of the Law and Criminology Faculty, or of other Faculties.

Moreover, he/she could be required to teach other general law courses, either at the Law and Criminology Faculty, or at other Faculties.

The successful candidate will seek to develop projects of interest for practitioners.

Particulars – Research:

Candidates must have the capacity to engage in individual and collective research projects related to Economic Law, including its European and international dimensions.

Candidates must hold a PhD degree in law. A specialization degree in economic law or in economics is valued.

The candidate’s publications will demonstrate his/her particular competence in some of the following fields: economic law, including its European and international dimensions, WTO law, investment law, European financial law, European company law.

Candidates will be called to develop and manage collective research projects

He/She will be part of a research team dealing with commercial law, intellectual property law, tax law and social law.

His/Her research projects should have interuniversity, interdisciplinary and international dimensions.

Particulars – Teaching:

Candidates must demonstrate a capacity to teach commercial law, international economic law and business law.

Candidates must meet the highest pedagogic standards and have a professional experience, notably at the bar.

Starting date : 1st  September,  2016

Further information : 

Professor Pierre-Paul Van Gehuchten, dean DRT –
Professor Geneviève Schamps, research director JURI  –

Localization :

Humanities Sector Faculty of Law and Criminology (DRT) (
Institut pour la recherche interdisciplinaire en sciences juridiques (JURI) (

General conditions

Tasks : the applicant will:

  • be responsible for teaching courses at all study levels (i.e. undergraduate and postgraduate), as well as in programmes of continuing education;
  • supervise the final diploma research (i.e. theses) of undergraduate and graduate students, as well as PhD theses;
  • be involved in (and/or supervise, promote) research programmes;
  • contribute to the international visibility of the University through teaching and research excellence;
  • contribute to activities of the University with a societal impact in the fields of the economy, socio-cultural changes or cooperation with developing countries.
Qualifications : the applicant must have
  • a PhD degree in Law, or any related discipline;
  • a significant scientific record with international publications;
  • either  studied abroad for an extensive period or have had substantial experience outside the UCL;
  • experience in and the aptitude for teaching at university level;
  • the capacity to work within a team of teachers and to integrate research findings into teaching;
  • creativity and must be open to teaching innovation and interdisciplinarity;
  • the capacities required to undertake high-level academic research:capacity to raise research fundings, to supervise projects, to animate and lead a research team;
  • good knowledge of both spoken and written French and English. If this is not the case, the applicant accept to learn French and/or English in order to be able to teach in French and English within 2 years.

Fluency in other languages is an additional advantage.

Where to send resume: