University Lecturer in Public Law

Country: Finland;

City: Turku

Vacancy added: 25.09.2015

Employer: University of Turku

Vacancy type: PhD position; PostDoc vacancy;

For whom: For researchers;


The Faculty of Law, University of Turku, invites applications for the position of University Lecturer in Public Law. The position will be filled as permanent.

The Faculty of Law is a modern research and educational community. Under the roof of Calonia takes place a well-knit academic community in which the interaction between students, teachers, researchers and administrative staff is easy and uncomplicated. The production of the new research information and the training of the new experts are core tasks of the faculty.

The Faculty budget includes salaries for 70 people. This includes roughly 55 people in the research and teaching staff and roughly 15 people in other positions. Each year, 140–192 students majoring in Law begin their studies at the Faculty. There are 1300 students altogether studying in the faculty.

The Faculty of Law is not divided into departments or subjects. In-stead, the research and teaching carried out at the Faculty cover all branches of law extensively. The main research fields of the Faculty include constitutionalism and fundamental rights as well as legal research on economic changes. Research at the Faculty is not divided into these two main fields by subject. Rather, different subjects conduct research in both areas. This allows researchers to develop contacts both within the Faculty and with external stakeholders.

In accordance with the university research career model, the position of University Lecturer is a third stage career position with emphasis on teaching. The position of University Lecturer contains a wide range of teaching duties, which include teaching both basic and postgraduate level studies and planning them and supervising theses. The University Lecturer is also expected to conduct independent scientific research and to participate in seeking research funding and realizing research projects. In addition, the University Lecturer has administrative duties at the University.  The duties of University Lecturer include a maximum of 160 hours of contact teaching in an academic year.

The salary is in accordance with the University salary system for teaching and research personnel, levels 5–7, where the position-specific salary component is 2 852,00–3 834,84 euros per month. In addition, there is a component based on personal performance, which is at most 46,3 % of the position-specific salary. The salary for these particular posts is determined when drawing up the employment contract.

Formal qualifications

An appropriate doctoral degree and the ability to give high-quality research-based teaching and to supervise theses are required of persons selected for the post of university lecturer.

When assessing the merits of the applicants for the post of university lecturer, scholarly work, practical expertise in the field in question if needed, teaching experience and teacher training, ability to produce study materials, other teaching merits, and a trial lecture will be taken into account.

Ideally, the applicant teaches multiple subjects in a position. A multidisciplinary approach and capability of teaching in English are regarded as advantages.

An adequate capacity of the Finnish or Swedish languages is required by a Government Decree (15.10.2009/770). University teaching and research personnel should be proficient in the language, Finnish or Swedish, in which the teaching is given. However, a foreign citizen or a non-native Finnish citizen can be appointed to the post even if he/she has not demonstrated the required language skills mentioned above.

Application procedure

Application must include:

  1. a curriculum vitae in accordance with Faculty practice
  2. an academic portfolio in accordance with university practice
  3. a list of publications in accordance with Faculty practice
  4. a list of those publications and other works the applicant wishes to submit as proof of his or her qualifications to the position (the publications should be numbered, and the maximum number of publications is 10.)
  5.  a written statement of not more than two typed pages, setting out the applicant’s vision for the future development of research and teaching in the discipline.

The applications can be written in English.

In the evaluation phase, the top applicants will be separately asked to deliver the publications and other works listed under point 4.

The publications to be evaluated with the application must be submitted in their original language and not as translations unless the translations have already been published.

Applicants are required to state how they may be contacted during the selection process and to declare the e-mail address to which written communications should be sent.

For further information, please contact Mia Fager, the Head of Administration at the Faculty of Law, phone +358 2 333 5500 and email mia.fager(at)

Where to send resume: