ESSE 2016 Seminar: Social Identities in Public Texts

Country: Ireland

City: Galway

Abstr. due: 30.11.2015

Dates: 22.08.16 — 26.08.16

Area Of Sciences: Humanities;

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Organizers: Conference Partners Ltd,


This seminar aims at discussing ways in which public texts, both historical and modern, encoded the social identities of people in their various interlocutive roles. Social identity is understood as an individual's self-concept derived from perceived membership in a social group. In language use, social identity construction can be traced through linguistic indicators, such as stance, person reference, modality, and others. Public texts, such as newspapers, instructional texts, prose and drama, can show people’s social selves on different levels of intergroup behaviour. The main interest lies on how writers of these texts place themselves and the people they are either writing about or for within different social categories.

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